Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Love Wish

Every now and then I like to revisit one of my earlier novels and see how current they are. This one I am looking at today was one that was written during a particularly difficult time in the life of a great friend of mine. I created a work of fiction from a real life example, one that continues to haunt me to this very day.

THE LOVE WISH is a story we can all relate to in one way or another since we have all had friends who faced medical trauma in their lives. But this story is a bit different because it tells, not just of a medical condition, but rather a passionate love story with a medical component to it.

Below is a very short synopsis of the story you do not want to miss:

Linda Folger had always dreamed of growing up and finding her prince charming, marrying him and having two or three children. She wanted to live happily ever after with her little family in a house in the woods with a white fence around it. That was it! That was all she ever wanted from life--to live the American dream. Linda suffered through a rocky period when her love wish seemed to be out of reach, but then her life took an unexpected turn for the better. Suddenly she had it all in the palm of her hand, and she thanked God for all that He had done for her. Then, as life often does, Linda's life took yet another turn and she was dealt a situation that took her life in a totally different direction, a direction that we all fear could someday be dealt to us. This is Linda's story—of how she handled both the ups and the downs. This is the story of Linda's love wish.

I have been told I write stories that are quite different than those other writers care to write about, but I prefer to write about life's challenges as they really are, not necessarily always with fairy tale endings. If this story sounds like one you would like to read, please check out the site below: