Wednesday, June 25, 2014


In my Wildest Dreams

Joshua Whitley was a man working on his career goals when he met Julia Cusack in a lunch room one day. Julia was a beautiful young lady with career goals much like his. Yes, it was truly love at first sight for Josh, the name most people called him. Over time Josh and Julia became romantically involved and eventually married. They purchased the home of their dreams and started their family. However, their plan for life was soon to be derailed with an issue that was beyond their ability to solve. Life changed dramatically for Josh as his dreams for happiness spun out of control. Then an unexpected set of events in a family already marred with tragedy caused a change none in the family could have known would happen. Life for Josh went from being lonely, dull and boring, to a life filled with new hope and happiness for the future. In his wildest dreams Josh could never have planned what was about to happen to him, but it did happen. He met a new love in a place he never dreamed, and the rest as they say, is history.
            Was it fate that threw Josh and Dianne together at the most critical time of their lives? Nobody could know for sure, but it was a match that had to be made in heaven. From the time they were first together as a couple, it was almost magic how success came to the two of them, both in love and in their separate business ventures. Obstacles that would have stopped others from getting together were simply viewed as challenges to be overcome by Josh and Dianne. This is an epic story of how love can overcome almost any obstacle if the passion is present.
            Don’t think everything went smooth as silk for them though, because that would be a huge mistake. There is tragedy throughout this remarkable story, the loss of spouses, of parents, and even the horrible death of Dianne’s mother, all of which sent shock waves through this strong young couple as they struggled for success in life.
            Dianne made a totally unexpected career change when she realized she had seen in a vision where the body of a missing elderly woman was located, a woman she had never met or knew personally. When Dianne was questioned about how she knew of the location of the dead woman, her responses gave the local authorities cause to see a need to solicit her help in other unsolved murder cases.
            The story takes so many unpredictable turns it is difficult to write a synopsis that includes all the major parts of the story, but let it suffice to say the reader will be astonished by the unfolding of the story. It is a story that includes most of the elements one could possibly expect in a really great love story.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Olive's Angels

This is a nonfiction account of people who have had personal encounters with God's angels. It also contains what the Bible says about the angels, how many there are, their classifications and types, and their specific duties. This is a compelling read. You will learn a lot about God's angels.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Five Romance Novels

These are five of my best romance novels from the past few years. All are still available at as Kindle e-books. Three of them are also available as soft cover books.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Interview with Writers and Authors founder Jo Linsdell

I recently had an online interview with Jo Linsdell at Writers and Authors web site regarding my writing. It would please me if you would take the time to read it. It might be very interesting to you. Here is the interview site which you can copy and paste into your browser window:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Kenyan Sunset

This is a Christian Romance novel I wrote a few years ago that continues to bring accolades from readers. Here is a short appetizer from the first chapter.

Kenyan Sunset

The summer had been long and very hot; now the break was over and autumn was nearing. The change in seasons would soon bring welcome relief from the heat. Tara Longwood was ready for school to start again. She looked forward to welcoming her new crop of third graders back to school from summer vacation.
            Loren Williams saw Tara at a skating rink during the summer, and as the weeks passed, he finally found the nerve to call her at her home one evening. “Hello,” she said as she answered the telephone.
            “Yes, is this Tara Longwood I’m speaking with?” he had asked, noticeably nervous as his voice quivered.
            “Yes, this is Tara Longwood, and who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” she boldly asked.
            “I’m Loren Williams, you know, the one who saw you at the skating rink a few months ago. I’m that same person.”
            “Well now, just how would I know what persons saw me at the skating rink? I didn’t ask all the people there if they saw me, you know. This means that I have no idea who I have the pleasure of speaking with right now, do I sir?” she teased, knowing full well exactly who was on the other end of the line.
            “I’m the one who asked you if you would skate with me,” he informed her.
            “Sir, several young men asked me to skate with them. How would I ever know which one you might be?” she teased again.
            “I’m the guy you turned down. Maybe if you saw me you could remember. Could we meet for coffee or something? I’m sure you’d recognize me if you could see me again.”
            “I turned several boys down. I do not skate with just anyone who might ask, and I have never in my life had a drink of coffee, nor do I ever intend to have a drink of that horrible liquid. Do you yourself drink that dark liquid that surely must coat your intestines and make them as black as the drink itself?” she inquired.
            “Well, yes, a little, sometimes, but not very often,” Loren lied. “It kind of gets me going in the mornings, if you know what I mean.”
            “I surely think that is pure hogwash. That’s a pure old lie of a tale if I ever heard one. There is no way that coffee can get you going, unless of course, you mean your bladder. It is a figment of your imagination that makes you even think such drivel could be true. But perhaps you didn’t know this fact, so I guess I could overlook it this one time,” she told him.
            “Gosh, thanks a lot, Tara,” he said.
            “Sir, if it pleases you, I would request that you call me by my proper name of Miss Longwood, at least until I can verify that you are not an ax murderer or some other type of hardened criminal who could be out looking for an easy victim.”           
            “Sure, Ta…I mean Miss Longwood, but I’m not looking for a victim,” he assured.
            “Then pray tell, just exactly what are you looking for? That’s what I need to know if this conversation is to go much further.”
            “Well, uh, uh, I was looking to…looking for a nice girl in this town to ask out for a movie or something,” he stuttered.
            “Or something? Just exactly what should I take that to mean? That sounds as if it could be sinful, or something even worse. I’ll have no part of that. Just what do you take me for?”
            “No ma’am, that’s not what I meant at all, I ju….”
            “I’m afraid this conversation is at an end, sir. I will not allow a strange man to talk sinfully to me like you are doing. I must say this conversation has concluded,” Tara said. She clanked the receiver onto the phone base while Loren attempted to sputter something.