Friday, February 12, 2016

Jenna McNabb

I am excited to report that my two-act romantic drama play, JENNA McNABB, is being read by a popular local theater group. While I realize it may not be accepted as part of their theater agenda in the near future, I am promised they will at least critique it and give me feedback which will help me make it better. As for me, I like it the way it is written now, but I can't be absolutely sure it will fit within the two-hour general guideline smaller theaters attempt to keep.

As you may know, writing novels has been my passion for the last several years, but I want to also be in the activity of writing stage plays. JENNA McNABB is my first effort, but I hope it won't be my last because I have some really great ideas.

Jenna McNabb is more or less a takeoff from a short story I wrote many years ago with the simple title of, JENNA. The name is taken from one of my beautiful granddaughters.

I hope you will wish me luck.