Sunday, November 9, 2014

The SWOB Affair--How I Wrote the Story

People often ask me where I get the ideas to write a book, let alone all the ones I have written so far. I generally tell them I am lucky because I rarely if ever suffer from writer's block, or the ability to not be able to write a part of the story I am working on. I can nearly always sit down and write at any time if I have my computer or tablet with me. As for where my ideas come from, let me just say that I get new ideas almost every single day that I could write about. As an example, with my mystery thriller story, The SWOB Affair, it came to me one day as I read about a poor young woman who was murdered in the area. As I read the newspaper account of the crime my thoughts drifted back to the area where we lived prior to coming to Florida to live. There was a horrible crime that took place there, maybe the worst I ever knew about. It was also the murder of a young woman with a small child. Her killing was not simply a shooting or stabbing, but was a shooting and dismemberment of the young woman. The child was left alone in a running car at the edge of a highway and found crying when the police stopped to see if there was something wrong. The mother had been taken to another location and killed. I wondered how the story would work if I kept some of the grisly details, but moved the crime to the area where I currently live. So I sat down and started to write. When I was eventually done with the story, I read it all the way through; I was pleased with the result, so after some final editing, I released it as an e-book. As for the title, that came as a result of being a member of a creative writing group I belonged to called The Senior Writers of the town where I live, which completes the acronym. The book actually started as a class project that I took on as an individual. The book has been widely read and still sells copies after several years have passed since it was published. The book may be purchased through as a Kindle e-book for just $2.99.