Saturday, October 1, 2016

One In A Million

One In A Million, my new romance novel is now out for distribution and download as an e-book on Amazon Kindle at:

Here is a brief synopsis of this gripping love story:

One In A Million
Jake Hanson almost had it all. He had a great and growing engineering company, wonderful parents, terrific friends, and finally a gorgeous woman in his life, Jessie Whitfield. The woman he was infatuated with, Jessie, was in the same kind of situation with a great job and many opportunities ahead of her. She adored Jake with a passion many never experience in life. It seemed they had everything. When they married it seemed like a match made in heaven. Their life was nearly perfect in every way measurable. Then something totally unexpected happened to the young couple that caused everything to go south on them. Would their marriage survive the earthquake of emotion that slapped them down? Would they have the emotional strength to bounce back from the edge of disaster?

Read about the daily trials of Jake and Jessie in this story of love and passion between two people who seemed destined to be together. The story will make your heart leap with joy as you feel their deep love for each other, as well as their pain when everything seems to start going against them. This is a story that dwells in the realities of life as most of us know it, with peaks and valleys of emotion, a few bumps and bruises, and finally with an ending that once seemed impossible to achieve. Enjoy a story of romance and emotional heartbreak, and then the rise of new love. Be prepared to read a story unlike any you have read before.
I believe you will find this story a great read, one that will be difficult to lay aside before finishing the story.