Monday, February 9, 2015

Healed Hearts (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon:

Healed Hearts, the tender love story about how a man who suffered through one failed marriage and the death of a second spouse, will eventually meet, fall in love with and eventually marry a widow with two grown children. It happens just when Wayne feels he is likely going to remain single for the rest of his life. The two people are nearly polar opposites, so the chances of the marriage working are pretty small. This is a story anyone who has ever had a prior marriage will find encouraging and enlightening. The story of Wayne Granger and Audra Johnson works through some of the same problems many of us have faced in second and any subsequent marriages. Whatever you do, please read this story and see how closely it resembles what many of us have gone through.

This story follows the career of a man who first came to prominence in my very first romance novel many years ago, the story titled, His Soul Mate. (still available in print or e-book formats)

This will be a Kindle e-book, so watch for the announcements sometime in March.